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How Do I Get on the Problem Gambling List?

A person may sign up at any of our Missouri Gaming Commisson offices for lifetime exclusion with the option for removal from the Problem Gambling List in 5 years. Our offices are located at each licensed Missouri casino property and applications for placement on the Problem Gambling List can be processed at these offices during the hours of casino operation. Individuals who intend to sign the application at one of the casino locations should request assistance from the first casino employee they encounter, with the request to contact the Gaming Agent on-duty. Applications for placement on the Problem Gambling List can also be processed at the Missouri Gaming Commission Jefferson City office during standard business hours (Monday-Friday). Jefferson City office: (573)526-4080

In order to sign up for the Problem Gambling List, an interested individual must fill out an application for Statewide Self-Exclusion, and sign the application in front of a Missouri Gaming Commission agent or staff member.

The individual must bring a state/government-issued photo identification card for the agent to make a photocopy of and include in the application packet. The individual must complete the form of their own free will and not be under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or prescription medication. Once enrolled, it is the responsibility of the individual to stay away from gaming areas of the casinos. The exclusion begins on the date of application for placement.

The individual may continue to receive mailings from the casinos for several weeks. If it is a direct marketing object and not a bill for a debt to the casino (ie: returned check, etc.), they can throw it away. Most of the casinos print their direct marketing campaigns several weeks in advance and warehouse them until the distribution date. It is not possible to remove the individual from pre-printed mailings, but their name will be removed from future mailings. Individuals on the Problem Gambling List have an obligation to notify the MGC if they continue to receive such mailings from casinos.