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Governor Michael L. Parson

Jan M. Zimmerman, Chairman

Heather Richenberger, Interim Executive Director

History of the Missouri Gaming Commission

Casino Gaming

The Missouri Gaming Commission was established in 1993 by the 87th General Assembly as specified by Chapter 313 RSMo to regulate excursion gambling boats. The Commission's role is to ensure that criminal elements do not infiltrate licensed gaming operations and that games are conducted fairly, according to their rules and with full disclosure. There are 13 riverboat gaming casinos in Missouri. This industry employs approximately 8,824 people with an annual payroll of approximately $314.6 million dollars.

Charitable Gaming

Since September 1, 1994 the Charitable Games Division of the MGC has been charged with ensuring the integrity of gaming, and regulating the operation of bingo and other associated games to enable honest games for bingo players. Profits made by sponsoring organizations go to charities as prescribed by the Constitution of Missouri. The operation of bingo and other associated games is restricted to qualified licensed, religious, charitable, fraternal, veteran and service organizations.

Fantasy Sports

In September 2016 the Missouri Fantasy Sports Consumer Protection Act went into effect. The Missouri Gaming Commission is charged with regulating this industry. MGC issues licenses, investigates applicants and violations, and collects operation fees from daily fantasy sports contest operators in Missouri. MGC writes rules and regulations and enforces them within the industry.

Daily fantasy sports contests are operated on the internet, with participants paying an entry fee. Prizes are paid out to participants with the highest point totals.