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Governor Michael L. Parson

Jan M. Zimmerman, Chairman

Peggy D. Richardson, Executive Director

About the List of Disassociated Persons

The Missouri Gaming Commission administers a List of Disassociated Persons for problem gamblers. The Problem Gambling List, created in 1996, provides problem gamblers with a method to acknowledge they have a gambling problem and to take personal responsibility for it by agreeing to stop visiting riverboat casinos in Missouri for the rest of their life, with a one-time option to petition to remove their name from the Problem Gambling List 5 years after placement on the Problem Gambling List. If a person has been on the Problem Gambling List for at least five years and comes off The List, and then wants back on, that person will be permanently placed on the Problem Gambling List without the ability to request another removal from the List.

The Problem Gambling List directs Missouri casino operators to:

  • remove Disassociated Persons from all direct marketing lists;
  • refuse check cashing and credit privileges; and
  • deny participation in player programs; and
  • forfeit all points or complementaries earned by the individual.

Want to learn more about the Problem Gambling List?

If you would like to learn more about the List of Disassociated Persons, or require other information, you may contact the 24 hour problem gambling helpline at 888-BETSOFF or, or contact the Problem Gambling Administrator during normal business hours Monday through Friday, at the following:

Missouri Gaming Commission
Attn: Problem Gambling Administrator
PO Box 1847
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Phone: 573/526-4080
Fax: 573/526-1999